Mistress Lauraline

A powerful sorceress, mentor to Morn


Location: Towering estate in Vornheim (Green District)
Race: Stormcaller Elf (High Elf)


Mistress Lauraline is a renown sorceress and popular aristocrat of Vornheim. Though she’s a Stormcaller Elf, her hair and eyes are an unnerving jet black.

Most of her servants are forced to wear uniformed grey cloaks, usually with an embroidered crimson “L” on the shoulders. She also tutors a few would-be wizards — it’s pretty well known though that, for whatever reason, those she takes in for studies are often “contracted” to do so. Nobody is exactly sure what she gets out of the service, although many claim to have witnessed her treatment of her pupils as being rather sadistic.

Her prized possession is Leknyr, a captured pseudo-dragon that she claims is her “familiar.” Although, a few wizards criticize her as she keeps her pet caged in her study.

Mistress Lauraline

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