West Scale Lands


The region known as “The West Scale Lands” is free of any centralized government, instead being a land of varying clans and barbarian tribes, with a few noted settlements and established city states. The realm is host to mountain peaks, dense forests, rolling plains and even southern swamps.

The region receives its name from the regard the locals have for reptiles — it is a commonly held belief (with accuracy) that all reptiles great and small are living works of text, their scales providing infinite knowledge to scholars. Though this means even lizardfolk and dragonkind are demanded respect, humans are still infamous for exploiting these races for their scholarly addictions.

There are two major civilized cities in the Scale Lands — Vornheim and Bloodshore. The rest of the region is home to native savages, barbarian clans and wood elf tribes (with scatterings of orcs, lizardmen and the like.) Settlements are scattered throughout the region, though many only exist for a few seasons at a time before the inhabitants relocate.

The Rust River flows from the Deathfrost Mountains, forks midway and bleeds into the southern marshlands before ultimately going to sea. Rust River is a primary trading avenue between Vornheim and Bloodshore, although there is a port at Midwatch for any merchants that wish to depart on the Eastern Trade Route.

West Scale Lands

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